Purple flowers, and 3 portrait studies.

Posted on March 18, 2011
Purple Flowers. Oil on canvas board, 10x8 inches. March 2011. By Paul Hermann

Purple Flowers. Oil on canvas board, 10×8 inches. March 2011. By Paul Hermann

Iris flowers are amazingly beautiful and delicate.  2 of these flowers were opening up as I was painting them.

Blonde. Oil on gesso board, 14×11. February 2011.

In animation, there are 2 techniques: “pose to pose”, and “straight ahead”.  In “pose to pose”, you do your key poses first and then fill in the in-between frames, while “straight ahead” you just dig right in and animate from frame 1 onward.  In this painting study I tried the painting equivalent of “straight ahead”.  I did not block in much, started around the eyes and just dug in.  Its a technique that Richard Schmid uses, but it requires excellent drawing skills.  This painting was a struggle for me.

Young Male Portrait Charcoal Study. Charcoal on Newprint paper, 18 x 12 inches. March 2011.

I actually prefer the feel of newsprint paper with Charcoal.  This drawing was a 2.5 hour pose.  I removed all the drawings from my website but I still do them regularly.

Male in profile study. Charcoal on Paper, 24 x 18 inches. 2010.

I did this one last year.  I thought it deserved a posting.

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