Latest Paintings Update

Posted on March 17, 2010

portrait painting: Mug ShotLatest portrait painting I am calling “Mug Shot”.  Did this in Bob Gerbracht’s class. I am learning a lot from him.  He has classes Monday thru Wednesday in the evening.  For more info on the class, look him up on the internet:,or shoot me an email.

Yet, another still life of fruits and vegetables.  I am really starting to dial in the colors.  Great exercise for mixing paints.  This time, I went for a real forced compostion. Yes, I put them in a circle on purpose.  It was a small square canvas- 8×8 inches.

Landscape: Forest for the TreesI am posting this one too, but I am not too proud of it.  Its a big canvas (for me that is): 32×20 inches.  I worked from a photo.  I think the main problem is that the colors are too strong (green is the hardest color for me), and I should have made it more abstract.  I tried all kinds of technique in this one painting: I dabbed, dry brushed, made grids, went thick and thin…(if you click to see the larger image, you will see all the different brush strokes).  It would look good as a “Snow White” backdrop ;-)

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