First post of the Year.

Posted on January 14, 2011

Typically, I shoot my photos of paintings outside on overcast days (no shadows and bright consistent light), but this time I shot the photos indoors using my easel lights: one Flourescent light and one incandescent.  I was not that pleased with the results but in the spirit of trying to post more often I am posting them anyway.

Portrait Study in Maroon Oxide. Oil on Clay Board. 12×9.

I did this in one class session- 2.5 hours.

Orange Shirt Purple Scarf. Oil on canvas. 10×12.

Study in Orange on Mirror. Oil on Gatorfoam Canvas. 14×11.

Fruit on White Paper. Oil on Gatorfoam Canvas. 11×14.

Red Tulips in Glass. Oil on Gatorfoam canvas. 14×11.

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