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March 2017

Two versions of the same branch of lemons, both versions completed alla prima (au premier coup).  It almost looks like a different artist did each of them, but I am doing some experimentation with paint application.

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September 2016

Posted by Paul on September 20, 2016 in CityScape Painting, Landscape Painting, paintings by Paul Hermann |

I have been wanting to capture the city fog in a painting.  Sometimes, but rarely, the fog comes in thick and really low, like ocean foam on a beach.  Its really beautiful and special.  I captured it here:

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July 2016

The 500 Club is another San Francisco classic bar both on the inside and the outside.  (its not open at 6 am anymore) I wanted to go back to what I painted for a long time- still lifes.  Nothing fancy, just a quick afternoon study of a bowl of fruits.

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San Francisco

Posted by Paul on January 6, 2016 in CityScape Painting, Painting, paintings by Paul Hermann |
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