2 New Paintings:Still Life, and an Abstract

Posted on February 15, 2010

I did this still life a month or two ago.  It is done on a premade gessoboard.  I usually like to finish my small paintings in one session, but the gesso board was really smooth and I couldn’t paint over my first layer until it dried.  It took three sessions to complete.  The finished smooth surface is quite compelling.   I’m quite pleased with the results, but again, the layout/composition needs improvement.

This is an abstract I did on a Sunday when I couldn’t figure out what to paint.  Abstracts are kind of fun.  It’s interesting how while creating the painting, it goes back and forth between balance and imbalance in terms of composition.  The question I always have with Abstracts is when to stop.  I think abstract painting requires more painting from the heart, too much thinking and it gets ruined.  And one other thing, for me, abstracts need to be big.  This painting is only about 12 by 10 inches.  You want to stare into it and get lost, but when its that small, you always feel its objectness (I made that word up).

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